CHON – “Waterslide” Nathan Camarena Drum Playthrough

Here’s a rad vid of CHON‘s Nathan Camarena vibing his way through the band’s tune “Waterslide” here for your viewing pleasure, give it a whirl(pool) –


This is dead cheeky; the boyos in CHON have just recently released their latest output Homey on Sumerian Records and Nathan Camarena (who obviously can’t stand Polyphia) has given us this lovely gem of a live drum playthrough for the jazzy, spazzy, melodic and mental tune “Waterslide”. It makes me feel a bit tripped out just listening to and watching this video – I definitely feel the song is aptly named as it gives off those watery/flumey vibes, like I’m floating a long some sort of lazy river with intense stomach-turning drops along the way being thrown side to side. What I’m trying to say is that the song keeps things interesting, and doesn’t settle on one style.

Plenty of well-used ghost notes and ruffles here as he incorporates the ride and snare in a clever and interesting way, Nathan puts in a killer performance. But he must be sweating his tits off in that hoodie (literally fuck playing drums in anything else other than a tank top and mosh shorts live, maybe even play naked depending on the time of year)!

Watch out for the floor tom hits though – it sounds like God farting.

CHON are out on tour very soon and are hitting pretty much everywhere possible, even Japan where I can see them going down very well, so get out of your house and go see them play live!

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