This Two-Handed Tapping Playthrough of The Beatles is Unreal

Although we see a lot of now “classic” (i.e., made in the early 2010’s) playthrough material, this video that came across our desktops was just too good to pass up.


I know you guys all worship at the holy altar of Tosin Abasi’s two-handed tapping, but try this on for size. This playthrough, of the Beatles’ classic “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” on a chapman stick, an older piano/guitar-hybrid variation of something like Colin Marston’s Warr guitar, performed by Bob Culbertson, is pretty unreal. Culbertson plays the song like you would on a piano – one hand doing the chordal comping, the other the melody – but since the timbre is of a stringed instrument, the results are pretty interesting.

Check it out, courtesy Guitar World.

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