Blasting Brutal Beats on Double Kick Is Old Hat: How About an Arseload of Congas Instead?

In what I can only assume is some kind of ongoing cross-promotional deal with GoPro, we have yet another multi-cam spotlight on an incredible performance by a DW Endorsee. I mean, it’s not as mind-blowing as the crisp HD image that GoPro provides in such a portable and rugged package, but it’s still pretty slick.


Marco Ianetta is making quite a… feet… of his percussion work. Seriously, the dude has 8 pedals, all of them hooked up to various congas and other drums that may also be types of congas but cut me some slack this isn’t He has so many congas that he had to put his kick drum to the left of his hi-hat because that’s the only room left. Well, I guess I have to call it a bass drum, since there’s really no kicking involved. Unless his sticks are made of feet…

Regardless, check out this monster performance as Marco grinds his way through all the drums in the corner of Guitar Center that you tend to avoid. And also be wowed by the slow-motion 60fps footage that allows us to see every miniscule movement of the pedals as the video is slowed down to 24fps. The GoPro really is something, huh? No, I’m serious. That was pretty cool.

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  • “100% go pro” its sad to see such great video ruined by this ridiculous text. But if the sound is from a go pro i rest my case.

    • he has hidden drum mics

  • That was fun

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