BARING TEETH Shred For All With This Guitar Playthrough Of “The Quiescent Mass”


Hailing all the way from Dallas, TX death metal act Baring Teeth have carved out quite the name for themselves. Guitarist Andrew Hawkins recently starred in the band’s playthrough of their tune “Abstracted Mind”, and now the metal musician is back on this brand new playthrough for their track “The Quiescent Mass” from their new album Transitive Savagery (out now on Translation Loss Records). Check it out and prepare for a good headbangin’!

In addition to being heavy as all get-out, this tune is also chock-full of plenty of grindcore and tech death elements to keep it interesting throughout its short but intense stay. Also, major bonus points for the Cannibal Corpse t-shirt — nice touch!

Gear-wise, here’s what Hawkins had to say:

“I’m playing on an FGN Iliad Dark Evolution 664 through a Peavey 5150. Cabs are an Orange 4×12 and Dr. Z Z-Best 2X12.”

You can get Transitive Savagery on the band’s website and Bandcamp.

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