Avatar’s “Tsar Bomba” Playthrough Is in a Quantum State of Release

Sweeden’s Avatar, vastly superior to James Cameron’s Avatar, know the best way to promote an upcoming album: by releasing a song that’s…. not on the album? Wait, what the hell?


Maybe they’re like, “our album is so good, even the leftovers will psyche you up for it.” Or perhaps they just figured that they don’t want your virgin experience to an album track to be an instrumental playthrough? Well, no matter the reason, they’ve just posted a video of both guitarists jamming along to an invisible drummer and bassist on the unreleased (and I mean that in the future sense too, since technically all of the album is still unreleased… which actually means this now-released song is more released than the soon-to-be-released album… and I think I haven’t been this confused since I watched Primer) song “Tsar Bomba.”

If you like what you hear you can preorder the band’s forthcoming record Hail the Apocolypse at the band’s website before it hits stores on May 13th/14th in America/Europe respectively.

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