ARCH ECHO: Spring Has Sprung With This Guitar Playthrough of “Bloom” by Adam Rafowitz


It’s time for prog. You like prog? Good, we also like prog. And progressive fusion band Arch Echo also like prog.

But what’s that? You don’t believe us? After all we’ve been through? Well, guitarist Adam Rafowitz is here to set the goddamn record straight, because the band has just released this playthrough for the song “Bloom” off their newest self-titled album!

In the video, Adam shreds through the track like nobody’s business (on his Custom Boden 7 Strandberg, nonetheless!). Ever tasteful and musical, the team at Arch Echo know how to craft a tune with all the right elements. Melodic throughout, but heavy where necessary, “Bloom” has got it all. And that goes for the rest of their catalogue as well. Well done, gents.

Be sure to also follow the Arch Echo boys on their Instagram and personal website for those maximum prog vibes. You can download their newest album on Bandcamp as well, which we highly recommend you do as soon as you can.

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