You’ll Never Guess What BENSON AMPS New Delay Pedal Does

Benson Amps is here with their new Delay pedal and you’ll never guess what it does! Seriously though, the Delay pedal offers a 30ms-1250ms range with enough to do chorus, vibrato, and slapback effects, and slow enough to create blurred and haunted soundscapes. The Delay also offers the option to hold down the tap knob to boost feedback for some self oscillation.


The Delay also comes loaded with a Low Frequency Oscillator, the company’s most accurate tap tempo, and avoids the digital jaggedness of a lot of modern delays.

“The design process was characteristically obsessive and obliquely dysfunctional, so we’ll spare you most of it,” wrote Benson Amps of the pedal. “Lots of bright people in the industry left their mark in one way or another. Special shout outs to Jack Deville, Bryan Sours and John Snyder.

“Lessee…after dutifully slogging through the modern bucket brigade scene for a while, we found our paradise in the form of the ubiquitous PT2399. Turns out, when you treat it well, you can get a great sounding delay with a massive range out of it. We utilized a combination of gooey compander chip, analog filtering, and careful gain staging (amp designers are decent at that). We hope you love it.”

Delay is available here for $279.99.

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