You Can Own TOSIN ABASI’s Semi-Hollow IBANEZ 8-String

Way back before Abasi Concepts, or even before Tosin Abasi had a signature model, he has an Ibanez LA Custom Shop hollow boy with a Piezo system in it. That guitar – built in 2010 by master builder Tak Hosono – has now surfaced on Reverb… and man, it is not cheap.


Seller The GASlamp District is asking a cool $50,000 for the guitar, which you can check out right here. The GASlamp District notes that they bought the guitar off Abasi a few years back, and that it was actually stolen in 2012 but ultimately returned to Abasi. Which is a strange thing to note, but here we are.

“Discover a true collector’s gem with this one-off Ibanez LA Custom Shop Hollow Body 8-String Guitar with piezo system,” wrote The GASlamp District.

“Crafted in 2010 by renowned master builder Tak Hosono specifically for the virtuosic guitarist Tosin Abasi, this instrument stands as a testament to Ibanez’s unparalleled craftsmanship and Tosin’s pioneering influence in the world of progressive guitar playing. A one-of-a-kind creation, this guitar embodies a rich part of Tosin Abasi’s unique legacy and even comes with a prototype set of DiMarzio pickups.

“I purchased the guitar from Tosin a few years back, happy to verify that since the guitar got stolen in 2012 but then was returned to Tosin (undamaged). Trying to reduce the size of the collection at the moment.

“A true collector’s piece!”

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