WILLCOX GUITARS Announces a USA Custom Shop “Saber” Bass

Willcox Saber Bass

Reputed for their development of the LightWave Optical pickup system that utilizes sensors to read the vibration of a string rather than traditional magnets, Willcox have been trailblazers since day one. Now with advent of their California custom shop, customers have the opportunity to spec out a totally handcrafted piece of luthier wizardry.


The Saber bass comes in 4-, 5-, and 6-string flavors and is, of course, powered by the aforementioned LightWave system. When you’re ordering from the Custom Shop, you can choose from a variety of tonewoods, finishes, and hardware configurations as well. Current lead times are estimated at 12-16 weeks. Not too shabby for just two dudes – Chris Willcox and luthier Mark Garza – cranking these things out.

For ordering info or to just tease yourself, check out the Willcox USA Custom Shop for more.

[via Bass Player]

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