Watch KALLIAS’ Nicole Papastavrou Play (and Scream) Through “Supermassive”

Kallias has made the transition from being a fully instrumental band to having vocals, thanks to both guitarist Nicole Papastavrou and bassist Chris Marrone. You can check out Papastavrou absolutely shredding through the band’s first vocal venture “Supermassive” below, and maybe take some notes. Papastavrou is extremely good.


Download “Supermassive” here, stream it here, and grab some Kallias merch here.

“The vocals on this play through were recorded in one-take all the way through, and my intention was to prepare enough to be able to execute this as I would live,” said Papastavrou.

“Although it’s been a challenge having learned this vocal technique in a matter of months while also learning how to separate my brain playing guitar at the same time, I’m stoked to bring something fresh to the table with the upcoming Kallias album.”

The gear used by Papastavrou is as follows.

  • Jackson Custom Shop 8-string
  • EVH 5150III Stealth
  • DiMarzio Custom pickups
  • Stringjoy strings
  • Stone Age Guitar pick
  • Firehose Strap

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