WALRUS AUDIO Offers Up Detailed New Mira Optical Compressor

Walrus Audio is here to give you some serious control over your compression thanks to the Mira Optical Compressor. In a nutshell, Walrus Audio is describing the Mira Optical Compressor as “a true bypass optical compressor offering studio-grade sound sculpting and sustain packed with controls you’d normally find on studio units.”


The Mira offers a Blend knob to mix in your compressed sound with your clean tone; control over Attack, Release, and Ratio; and a Make-Up knob to maintain volumes throughout post-compression. In addition, the Mira also features a push-button High Pass Filter in the side-chain to help knock off muddy frequencies like 120Hz or below. So if you’re trying to use this on your bass, that’ll probably be your go-to control.

The Mira is available here for $249.

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