VOX to Bring Back Famous “Continental” Organ of Yesteryear with Present Day Provisions

Vox Continental Organ

Before Vox were crushing the guitar amp game with AC30s and such, they were actually organ makers. Believe it or not, they were even formerly branded as the Jennings Organ Company. So it’s the same badassery that later on made Vox a household name in the rock/guitar world which first led them to create the innovative transistor-based Continental combo organ. Well, that was around 50 years ago, and “Connie” hasn’t had a facelift since; until now, that is.


Have a peek at the quick specs:

  • Intuitive user interface that emphasizes playability on stage
  • ORGAN part that meticulously models three vintage organs
  • High-quality E.PIANO part with attention paid to every detail
  • Rich PIANO part powered by high-capacity samples
  • KEY/LAYER part with a wide range of variations
  • Intuitive and powerful effects that are optimized for live use
  • Touch sensor that can control a variety of parameters
  • Nine-band EQ that allows detailed control of your sound
  • Real valve drive sound powered by Nutube, the new vacuum tube
  • Newly developed waterfall keyboard provides excellent playability
  • Dynamics knob lets you freely customize the playing feel of the keyboard
  • Scene memories let you instantly switch between settings
  • Lightweight and compact body is built of sturdy sheet metal and aluminum
  • Carries on the scarlet color that’s traditional for VOX organs
  • V861 volume/expression pedal and ST-Continental keyboard stand are included

Vox Continental Organ

Versatility, playability, and vintage homage have all come together for the Continental’s rebirth. It ain’t cheap, but its feature-richness and quality certainly warrants the $1999.99/$2199.99 price tags on the 61- and 73-key versions respectively.

[via Electronic Musician]

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