Visual Sound Put Pretty Much Every Option in this VS-XO Dual Overdrive

A good dual overdrive can be hard to settle on, because there’s usually some kind of sonic or functional compromise. A pedal that would have treble, mid, and bass controls might have to settle for basic tone knobs to fit one for each channel, or share an eq, for example. This VS-XO stompbox from Visual Sound certainly makes a valiant effort to maintain maximum control in a limited space. They’ve got big tone knobs, little bass knobs, little bass switches, psychic mind orbs, and little guitarists who play your parts for you while living a servile existence in a miniature city housed within the pedal. It’s very elaborate.


Okay, so I made those last two things up, but what actually is housed inside the enclosure are individual buffers for each channel. That’s the kind of catering to the obsessive tweaker’s market that I can get behind.

Source: Premier Guitar

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