UGRITONE Goes Back to the 2000s With New FINNFANTRY Drum Expansion for KVLT DRUMS II

If you’re looking to make some 2000s-sounding Finnish death metal, but you don’t know any Finnish drummers, then don’t freak out! Ugritone has just announced their KVLT Drums II: Finnfantry Expansion pack for all your Finnish death metal needs.


The KVLT Drums II: Finnfantry Expansion is VST/AU/AAX compatible and comes with six snares, two kicks, one full set of toms, and 10 cymbals. Much like the KVLT Drums II base set, the Finnfantry Expansion comes with a graphic user interface to process the kit individually or in groups; adjustable gain, pan, and individual mic levels per drum; and an adjustable panel placement to make editing and controlling the set a freezing breeze (since this is Finland).

Ugritone notes that you’re going to need the KVLT Drums II set first, as the Finnfantry Expansion is very much an expansion and not a standalone program. But that’s the price you gotta pay to bring death metal to the masses, right?

Grab the KVLT Drums II: Finnfantry Expansion here for $29.99, as well as the KVLT Drums II set for $29.99.

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