TWO NOTES Teams Up With FRIEDMAN For New Digital Amp Collection

Two Notes Audio Engineering and Dave Friedman have teamed up for a collection of digital amps that won’t completely annihilate your bank account. The Friedman offers five different cabs all recorded at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles. They are:

  • The Friedman Vintage 412 Black, which is inspired by a vintage 4×12″ Marshall slant cabinet complete with Celestion G12H-30 “Black Back” 55Hz 30W speakers
  • The Friedman Vintage 412 G12, which is a vintage 4×12″ cab has been outfitted with a G12-65 speaker heralding from the late ’70s
  • The Friedman 412 Green, which is a thunderous Friedman 4×12″ cabinet loaded with Celestion Greenback Speakers
  • The Friedman 412 Vint, which is a Friedman 4×12″ cabinet loaded with Celestion V30 speakers
  • And the Friedman 412 Vint 6402, which is loaded with a quartet of early ’90 “Greenback” speakers

All five are available separately here for $10 or as a package for $39.