TSAKALIS AUDIO WORKS Offers New Pedal to Emulate Old Marshalls

Tsakalis Audio Works Room #40 gives you all the sounds of a Marshall without actually owning a Marshall, should you require some flexibility in your tone.


The Tsakalis Audio Works Room #40 is sonically based on classic Marshall amps like the Plexi Super Lead, Plexi Super Bass, and both the JMP and JCM8000. The pedal comes with an onboard boost and a Variac control for a touch of the ol’ Brown Sound, and offers access to the classic Mod #39 for the Plexi series and Mod #34 for the JMP and JCM800 series. Oh, and there’s a Presence control to make the sound adjustable to any circumstance.

At its core, the Tsakalis Audio Works Room #40 is a JFET-based circuit that seeks to emphasize the compression and sag coming from the power amp section of the aforementioned Marshall models.

The Tsakalis Audio Works Room #40 is available here for $290.99.