Transform Everyday Things Into Musical Instruments With MOGEES

Mogees (pronounced like emojis without the e) are a wacky new way to turn any object that can be struck into a MIDI controller. The Mogees device attaches to basically anything and picks up the vibrations when you strike the object in different ways, transforming those strikes to different MIDI messages so you can play it like an instrument.


I think the number one best use for this is going to be attaching it to your steering wheel and transforming it into what it’s always been for every musician – a drum set. Now it will just sound like one!

If you don’t quite see how this could be cool, watch this video for clarification:

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  • Who wants to bet on how long it will take someone to attach this to a boob or to their dick?

    • That all depends on how quickly you get your hands on one.

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