TOONTRACK Releases “Lead Vocals 2” EZMix Pack

As a singer and a songwriter, I’m forever sat at my production desk with a mic, singing ideas onto demos as I’m writing them, and for that purpose I never want to be worrying about having to engineer myself a great vocal chain at the expense of creativity. I also don’t want all my individual plugins on multiple vocal tracks weighing down my session and eating up my CPU – but I also want it to sound really good and enhance my performance.


So I’m pretty stoked to try Toontrack’s new Lead Vocals 2 EZmix Pack, just announced today. EZMix plays a big role in my everyday music production for producing demos, and this is going to make my life a lot easier.

Here’s the press release for all the details:

Umeå, Sweden, January 16, 2017.
Today, Toontrack announced the release of the Lead Vocals 2 EZmix Pack, a collection of ready-made signal chain presets specifically designed for use on lead vocals. This marks the forty-sixth title in Toontrack’s ever-growing collection of EZmix pack expansions for EZmix 2.

About the Lead Vocals 2 EZmix Pack
Regardless of genre, the single most identifiable ingredient in a mix is the lead vocals. It carries the tune, the melody and the words. It’s the undisputed, universal component that anyone can name and relate to. However, engineering vocals is arguably one of the hardest parts of making a great mix. Aside from leveling, it often requires long chains of effects, compression, EQ and saturation to not drown or stick out. This collection of settings for EZmix 2 takes a broad approach to help with all of this and more in a quick and easy way.

Lead Vocals 2 EZmix Pack picks up where the first collection left off, but takes advantage of several new effects in the background. It includes 50 unique signal chain presets, all for a pre-defined need, sound or to help remove common mix issues in regards to lead vocals in a mix. Each setting is based on various amounts of effects and can include anything from compression, reverb and delay to tape saturation, distortion, de-esser and EQ.

This is the perfect collection of presets to keep in your creative mix toolbox, assuring that you keep your vocals in the focal point – always and in all ways.

• 50 settings optimized for mixing lead vocals
• Ready-made signal chains
• For common mix issues
• For a wide range of mix-ready-made sounds
• Works on any audio source

About Toontrack
Toontrack is a developer of software for music production, widely acclaimed for its attention to quality, design and innovation. In 1999, Toontrack changed the industry with the groundbreaking drum sample library Drumkit From Hell. Today, the company is world-leading in sampled drums and has extended its product range to include mix tools, software piano instruments and a wide assortment of expansion content. Some of Toontrack’s most known brands include EZdrummer 2, Superior Drummer 3, EZmix 2 and EZkeys.

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