Toontrack have just announced the release of their newest addition to their line of drum groove MIDI packs: West Coast Rock MIDI! Broken up into two collections of MIDI for drums and EZkeys, the pack marks the eighty-seventh drum MIDI pack in Toontrack’s extensive catalog of drum MIDI for EZdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3, as well as the fifty-third MIDI pack for EZkeys. Talk about consistency!


The features include:

  • Drum grooves and fills inspired by AOR artists of the 1970s and 1980s
  • More than 500 individually played files
  • 4/4, 12/8 and halftime in straight and/or swing feel
  • Tempos ranging from 78 to 132 BPM
  • Song structure categorization (intro, verse, chorus, bridge, fills)

“Yacht rock, soft rock, the West Coast Sound, adult-oriented rock or simply AOR – the labels casually attached to this chartbuster of a genre are as many as they are confusing. But whatever you choose to call it, one thing is certain: the smooth soul and jazz, R&B, rock, funk and disco fusion that legends like Toto, Steely Dan, Christopher Cross and many more introduced in the late ’70s became the soundtrack of an era.

This collection of drum MIDI continues to explore and dig deeper down the groove treasury we just began to scratch the surface on with our earlier AOR packs. Luckily, there is no ground more fertile to dig in than that of the West Coast. It is simply inexhaustible. Arguably, no other genre aside from maybe jazz has produced more iconic drummers and larger-than-life songs where the drums play a pivotal role. The immortal beats of the likes of Jeff Porcaro, Bernard Purdie and Steve Gadd resonate to this day.

Get ready for grooves with an unwavering facility, nuance and sophistication – perfect for any type of rock song in need of that “session drummer” finesse.”

You can learn more about and get your hands on the West Coast MIDI packs over on the Toontrack website.

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