As we march forth through the glory that is Toontrack’s Metal Month 2019, we are beyond stoked to deliver the good news that the company has just dropped their next installment to their massive line of MIDI drum packs: Deathlike Fusion! The new pack features:

  • Performed by technical death metal pioneer Sean Reinert (Cynic, Æon Spoke, Death)
  • Grooves and fills loosely based on Sean’s discography
  • Suitable for technical death metal, progressive rock/metal, and fusion
  • Includes hundreds of individually played grooves and fills
  • Covering time signatures like 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 6/8 and 7/8 in straight and/or swing feel

From Toontrack:

“Death metal is more than blast beats and artillery-like bass drums in rampant tempos, it’s about subtle finesse, technicality and grace as well. Sean Reinert is a perfect example of just that. Already back in the early 1990s, his limitless playing introduced a sound that managed to forge trudging brutality with a nuance reminiscing that of a jazz or fusion drummer – a style where the drums were allowed to paint with all-new colors and much broader brushes than what was customary in death metal up until then. This collection of drum grooves and fills is loosely based on Sean’s discography and further draws from several decades of his experience being a drummer, musician and composer. Expect the subtlety of jazz and the technical finesse of fusion merged with the hard-hitting attack and brutal onslaught of metal – all seamlessly meshed to a coherent blend where only one thing is holy: groove. This is indeed death metal, but with a twist and some extra amount of sophistication. In short, it’s probably best described as a deathlike fusion.”

You can learn more over on the Toontrack website here, and if you haven’t already checked out our DRUMCEPTION 2019 Challenge, head here to find out how to win some amazing prizes from Toontrack and Orange Amps!

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