TOONTRACK Announces Big Rock Drums EZX Pack

As an avid user of Toontrack products for songwriting and production, I think one of their biggest strengths is the sheer variety of sounds that are instantly accessible for cheap. As a songwriter writing in many different genres, the ability to have authentic sounds for any situation is absolutely game-changing.


Today, Toontrack announced the release of the Big Rock Drums EZX, a drum library expansion for EZdrummer 2 featuring all-new drums recorded by engineer Dave Cobb and drummer Michael Miley (Rival Sons). This also marks the first release of Toontrack’s annual Metal Month, which officially launches on November 1.

About the Big Rock Drums EZX

Fueled by acts like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, a new breed of rock burst onto the scene in the late sixties. With a big, thunderous sound, often with the drums as the barreling force in the front of the mix, the classic acts of this era didn’t only strike a chord that would resonate to this day – they shook the ground and started a landslide of heavy music to come.
It’s from this legacy that the Big Rock Drums EZX picks up. Helmed by Rival Sons’ drummer Michael Miley and Grammy Award-winning engineer Dave Cobb (Rival Sons, Europe, Zac Brown Band), it sets out to capture the raw essence of classic rock drums as we know them. Recorded at Cobb’s own Low Country Sound Studio in Nashville, it presents five essentially different kits that still share one common denominator – they’re the massive, reverberant and roaring type, tailored for big rock songs.
As much as this is an homage to times that passed, it’s at the same time a reminder of the fact that great tones never die – they echo through the ages. Quite simply: vintage never gets old.

• Five (5) kits (Mayer Bros., C&C, Gretsch, Ludwig & Camco)
• Inspired by the sound of the iconic rock bands of the ‘70s
• Engineered by Grammy Award-winning Dave Cobb (Rival Sons, Europe, Zac Brown Band)
• Recorded at Cobb’s own Low Country Sound Studio in Nashville, TN
• Drums sampled by Michael Miley (Rival Sons)

About EZdrummer 2 and the EZdrummer Line

The first generation of EZdrummer was launched in 2006 and quickly established itself as the go-to drum production tool for top-tier producers, songwriters and home users alike. In May 2014, a completely overhauled version of the program was introduced, featuring new sounds and a host of groundbreaking tools for quick and easy songwriting. The release was met by overwhelming critical acclaim from users and has produced numerous top reviews, magazine covers and industry awards. The ever-growing EZdrummer Line encompasses more than twenty unique expansion libraries recorded in top studios all over the world, making it possibly the single largest collection of drum sounds on the market.
About Toontrack
Toontrack is a developer of software for music production, widely acclaimed for its attention to quality, design and innovation. In 1999, Toontrack changed the industry with the groundbreaking drum sample library Drumkit From Hell. Today, the company is world-leading in sampled drums and has extended its product range to include mix tools, software piano instruments and a wide assortment of expansion content. Some of Toontrack’s most known brands include EZdrummer 2, Superior Drummer 2, EZmix 2 and EZkeys.

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