TOOL’s ADAM JONES Shows Off New Custom Flying V

Hey look, the Adam Jones Gibson Flying V does exist! Granted there are only three in existence and they’re owned by Jones and Gibson president Cesar Gueikian, but still. There’s also not a ton of information about the guitar readily available just yet aside from Jones’ Instagram caption.


“A Stellar Custom Vintage Aged REVERSE Silverburst Gibson Flying V with a beautiful Murphy Lab finish,” said Jones. “My dream guitar made true by my good friend Cesar Gueikian. THANK YOU AMIGO.”

“A very rewarding collaboration with [Mat Koehler] and [the Gibson Custom team]. I always loved the 1958 Futura headstock & ask if Gibson team would be willing to pull it out of retirement. I believe it’s one of the heaviest Flying V‘s Gibson has ever made to date. The overall tone – lows/mids/highs are amazing and the heavy body weight also helps me control feedback and sustain just like my vintage LPCs. I played this epic instrument on stage during the last 2022 Tool tour and it’s sound & performs killer!”

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