The Synclavier Is Back, But A Little Different

The Synclavier is back, albeit in a different form than you might’ve known it when it was being used by artists like Frank Zappa. The Synclavier Regen is designed for desktop use and brings with it the Synclavier II DSP engine, a full color screen, liquid-like touch controls, high fidelity audio output, and additive synthesis for full control of 24 harmonics. Long story short, here’s what you’re getting with the Regen:

  • 255 Regen timbre presets
  • 700+ samples of royalty-free factory content
  • Additive waveforms, subtractive waveform generator and multi-sample patchlists
  • 12 partials to build your sounds.
  • 12 tracks for multi-timbral playback or stacking (layering) of sounds.
  • 4 USB ports for keyboards and other peripherals plus one USB port for connection to DAW. And 5-pin MIDI standard (TRS).
  • 2 full-colour high resolution screens
  • Senstive liquid-like touch swiper and 12 selector pads.
  • Multiple effects per track, including chorus, reverb, vibrato, tremolo, arpeggiator, bit crush, and multi-mode filter.
  • High fidelity DC-coupled audio out (stereo XLR or TS) with 130dB of dynamic range.

The Synclavier Regen is available here for $2,499.

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