The DIGITECH Whammy And Whammy DT Pedals Are On Sale

Digitech is slowly but surely putting all their Whammy pedals on sale, it seems. First they put up their Richochet pedal for sale, and now they’ve got sales going on the classic Whammy and Whammy DT pedals. So if you’re trying to get in on that latest wave of nü-metal, this is your chance!


Long story short, the classic Whammy pedal lets you do some pretty massive divebombs up to two octaves up or down (or just a divebomb to nowhere, which also has its uses). The Whammy also features the option for some harmony shifts, and a MIDI input for receiving incoming MIDI data. The DigiTech Whammy 5 Pitch Shift Pedal is available here for $50 off for $249.99.

Then there’s the DigiTech Whammy DT Drop Tuning Pedal, which is everything we just talked about on the Whammy plus the option to permanent tune your instrument either up or down. So you’ve got more options to get weird when it comes to the divebombs and the harmony shifts. The Whammy DT is available here for $31 off for $388.

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