THE AQUABATS Guitarist Combines Overdrive And Distortion In New Pedal

The Aquabats guitarist Ian Fowles has teamed up with Rude Tech for a brand new overdrive-meets-distortion pedal called the Falcondrive. The Falcondrive features artwork by Thomas Fernandez and is controlled by four simple knobs – Volume, Tone, Gain, and Blend.


“I’ve taught a lot of lessons over the years and students always asked me what a good first pedal to buy was,” said Fowles. “I would suggest an overdrive or a distortion. So with The Falcondrive, I thought it would be nice to have both effects in one pedal so that no matter what guitar or amp you had, it could be useful. And I wanted it to be a professional-grade pedal built with even the beginner in mind.”

Check it out below and grab one here for $199.