TECH 21 Introduces Geddy Lee Signature MP40 SansAmp

Tech 21 is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Rush‘s classic album Moving Pictures with an all-new limited edition Geddy Lee MP40 Signature SansAmp. While we’re going to get into the specs in a moment, let’s take a beat and appreciate the Lee-meets-Moving-Pictures artwork that adorns the front of this thing.


Anyway, the all-analog Geddy Lee MP40 Signature SansAmp offers a selectable Boost stomp switch that provides a 12dB presence boost and a Shape-shifter button for 6dB of Schmegilka. The latter of which Lee defines as “an indefinable thing of awesomeness!” The Geddy Lee MP40 Signature SansAmp is further controlled by a Mix knob to blend the ratio of clean and distorted tones; a Tight button to add definition; a Drive control; an active 3-band EQ; and a Master Volume knob.

The Geddy Lee MP40 Signature SansAmp is able to drive a power amp and speakers in a live setting, as well as run direct or augment an amplifier. The MP40 is available for pre-order here and will be available in March 2022. You can also check out Lee’s previous collaborations with Tech 21 here.

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