TAYLOR SWIFT’s Bassist Posts Flawless Playthrough Of METALLICA’s “Blackened”

Did you know that Taylor Swift’s bassist Amos Heller actually shreds big time? We didn’t either until we saw his flawless playthrough of Metallica’s “Blackened”. Now we need a full album cover because hot damn, this dude rules.


And if you’re wondering how Heller got such a beefy tone, he’s using:

“I don’t think I would be a musician if it wasn’t for thrash metal, and I don’t think I would love thrash if I hadn’t listened to it every day of my freshman year riding to school in my brother’s car with …And Justice For All blazing out of the speakers,” said Heller.

“This album is an oddity… a killer metal album with no bass on it. So I put some bass on it. The modern tone I went for might not be the most era-specific, but it felt like a good fit to me. This song was a real challenge, and I love playing it. Enjoy.”

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