SUM 41’s DERYCK WHIBLEY Is Selling His Gear On Reverb

Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 is offloading a bunch of his gear through Reverb come March 29. Which is going to be especially great, considering Whibley said he’s never gotten rid of any of his gear prior to this shop.


“I’ve never sold anything,” Whibley says. “I’ve always just collected stuff. I don’t know if it’s just that time in my life, but I want to get rid of some stuff and start. It feels exciting to start fresh.”

Some of the gear includes a 1962 Gibson SG, his first guitar cab, a Marshall 4×12″, and the following other stuff:

  • A Gretsch 6118 Anniversary featured in the video for the song “Catching Fire” and used as a live guitar for the song “Pieces” in 2004-’05 and on multiple songs on the records Screaming Bloody Murder, 13 Voices, and Order in Decline.
  • The main source of the heavy tone on Sum 41’s upcoming record, Heaven and Hell, a Wizard MTL amplifier—”I got a couple of their amps a few years ago, and they’re just really good. It’s just got that perfect heavy sound for me, and I used it a lot [on the upcoming record].”
  • A Joe Meek VC3Q mic pre that was Whibley’s vocal chain for nearly every song on the demos for the first three Sum 41 albums. “t was a gift from another producer named Matt Hyde, who worked on a ton of great records. It was his little go-to for vocals as well,” Whibley says.
  • A Gibson Les Paul Classic Goldtop that Whibley bought for guitarist Tom Thacker, frontman of the punk rock band Gob, when he joined Sum 41 in 2007.
  • Three Yamaha acoustic guitars the band used during radio station performances and acoustic sessions throughout their career.
  • A custom white Fender Thinline Telecaster designed specifically around Whibley’s touring specs and used for the song “Pieces” live.

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