.STRANDBERG*’s Boden Classic NX Sounds Killer

Check out guitarist Keven Eknes demoing the new .strandberg* Boden Classic NX. If you’re a fan of bands like Plini and Intervals, then I’m pretty positive you’re going to dig what you hear.


The Boden Classic NX models incorporate a pickguard on a solid Alder body for a cool retro-modern look and a more traditional sound while retaining all of the key features of the original Boden design. Compared to a chambered body, the solid body provides slightly more midrange with a punchier tone. The Maple neck with Birdseye Maple or Rosewood fretboard add strong upper mids and brilliance and combine with the warmth of Alder for a big, open, and balanced sound.

The Boden Classic NX is available here for $2,195.

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