SONICWARE Gives You The Tools To Make Beats For Studying/Relaxing To

Sonicware is here to give you the tools you need to make those wonky-ass lo-fi beats you need to study and/or relax you. Sonicware’s new LIVEN Lofi-12 offers a 12kHz/24kHz sampling engine with the 12bit Sampler mode reminiscent of the late 80s, up to 4 seconds mono sampling per sample slot, start and end point trimming, pitch adjustment, reverse playback, sustain loop, filtering, and LFO modulation.


All sounds sampled by the LIVEN Lofi-12 are then assigned to the keyboard and can be played easily at different pitches. The LIVEN Lofi-12 allows you to sequence up to 64 steps per pattern, save up to 64 patterns, and sub-divide the tempo down to 32nd notes. The LIVEN Lofi-12 features independent effects on all four tracks, with 11 types of effects on each track and 8 types of master effects.

Get one here for $239.

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