SOLAR GUITARS Rolls Out New Sustainiac Models

Solar Guitars is taking sustain to a whole new level in both their six-string A1.6FRCAR Sustainiac and seven-string A1.7FRON Sustainiac models. Both models feature Sustainiac’s Stealth Pro pickup, allowing you to either play as normal or flip a switch and have literally infinite sustain. The sustain switches are located near both the Tone and Volume knobs, so getting used to additional controls isn’t exactly difficult in this scenario.


Elsewhere, the new models feature a Duncan Solar bridge humbucker with coil-tap features, Alder bodies, Maple necks, and Ebony fretboards – basically everything you’d expect from the non-Sustainiac versions. The A1.6FRCAR Sustainiac is available here for $1,199, while the A1.7FRON Sustainiac is available here for $1,299.

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