Snap Different Components on to MODAL EFFECTS’ New Disruption Pedal

Modal Effects just launched the Kickstarter for their new pick-and-choose pedal, the Disruption.


The Disruption allows players to snap on different components called Mods to create a unique, 100% analog pedal all their own. The Disruption base has three slots for three Mods. The signal runs through the three Mods in series from right to left, following the signal chain of the input and output jacks. The Mods so far include Fuzz, Distortion, Drive, Boost, Low-Pass Tone, and Mid-Scoop Tone.

The Disruption is currently available on Kickstarter. $259 gets you the pedal with the Boost and Low-Pass Tone Mods, and then a choice of Fuzz, Distortion, or Drive. There’s also a $399 tier that gets you the pedal and all six Mods. Check it out here.

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