SITEK Releases Modifiable Phasia Phaser Pedal

From the seemingly watery depths comes the new Sitek Phasia phaser pedal. The Phasia is a multi-stage, OTA-based phaser pedal whose all-analog tone comes from a moving filter section that conjures up everything from slow-moving phase tones to a much faster LFO.


The Sitek Phasia phaser pedal offers a three-way LFO toggle switch that allows players to switch between hypertriangular, sine, and triangular, and further distorted with the Symmetry control. Then there are the Rate and Depth controls to adjust the LFO and frequency speeds, all monitored by a flashing LED to let you know where you’re at. Better yet, the LFO can be adjusted by pressing the Tap switch.

The Sitek Phasia phaser pedal also offers a Stages Switch, which allows players to select four, five, or six moving filter stages to adjust the overall voicing of the pedal. Coupled with a the Feedback knob to control how often the phase-shifted signal is sent back to the filter stages, the Sitek Phasia is nothing short of customizable.

The Phasia is available here for $255.

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