Shopping Victoriously with Gear Gods – The Tube Screamer Mother Lode

Whenever I watch rig rundowns from well known guitarists (and I watch a LOT of them) they tend to have a spot reserved on their pedal board for a green overdrive pedal of some kind, because companies are constantly sending them the newest iteration of their Tube Screamer clone that’s new and improved in this or that way. The real tone chasers all have a favorite, and are still looking for the holy grail. If you have a pedal company, you likely make an overdrive pedal that is in some way influenced by the most popular of them all – the Ibanez TS9.


But what if you could have them all? Every one ever made by Ibanez, and then some? What if you could have the original prototypes they made just before going to production? Then you might really, well and truly, find the end-all-be-all holy grail greatest OD of all time.

Well, look no further. We have unearthed the greatest collection of Tube Screamers ever assembled for sale on eBay. With a starting bid of $15,000 and a Buy It Now of $20,000, you could own the whole history of the TS9 and decide for yourself which is the Greatest of All Time.

Shop victoriously here.

Thanks to reader Javier Gedeón for the tip.

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