Schecter Releases Long-Awaited KM-6 For Direct Sale

Way back in May of this year we were fortunate to try the Schecter KM-7, which is Keith Merrow’s signature guitar. There were whispers even then of a fabled KM-6, the same guitar but a 6-string version. Well, today Schecter announced that the white whale was not a myth and is now in fact up for sale on their website, and you can get it direct. Because FUCK the middleman!


Now of course, they can’t just pull a string off of the KM-7 and call it a day. The construction of a 6-string is pretty different from a 7, and the following changes have been made: the scale is now 25.5 inches (which is BETTER FOR SOLOING – COMMENCE THE HURTING OF BUTTS), the width at the nut is now 1.653”, and the pickups have been changed to Seymour Duncan “Blackened” Black Winters, which are apparently only available on this guitar. What it means that they’ve been blackened, may we pray we never fully know.

It’s no coincidence that this episode of Conquering Rifftopia was also released today, with Keith talking about the features of the KM-6 and showing us how to play a riff from the Conquering Dystopia ditty Ashes of Lesser Men.

The KM-6 can be had for $949 at

And here’s the video where everybody jumped up my ass because I said that I thought the 26.5 inch scale made it harder to solo. In the immortal words of Glenn Fricker, “Boo fucking hoo!” It’s just one man’s opinion.

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  • if he didn’t have the headstock reversed from the regular schecter style this would be a damn purity geetar

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