QUILTER LABS Models Some Classic FENDER Amps With New Aviator Cub Combo

Quilter Labs is here to let you play some classic Fender sounds like the Tweed, Blonde, and Black without actually buying (or stealing) any of ’em!


Quilter Labs has just introduced their new Quilter Labs Aviator Cub, which allows players to model all three sounds with ease. The 50-watt, 1-channel combo amp offers a 3-band EQ, a built-in limiter, and an effects loop with adjustable reverb all heard through a 12-inch custom speaker designed in collaboration with Eminence. Well, that, or through the Quilter Labs Aviator Cub headphone jack, if you’re not trying to piss off everyone in your house.

The Quilter Labs Aviator Cub is available now for $599. As for the amplifier modeling, maybe just watch the demo videos below.

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