PRS Made LIMP BIZKIT’s Wes Borland A Guitar-Bass And It Looks Sick

Limp Bizkit riff overlord Wes Borland has a four-string guitar-bass hybrid courtesy of PRS, and it looks sick. Borland spoke about the custom instrument in a recent interview with PRS, saying the four-stringed monster is way beyond a prototype and has been used on the newest Limp Bizkit record Still Sucks.


“The new four-string is probably the most amazing instrument I’ve ever played. Having a locking tremolo system has very much expanded what I’m attempting with that whole thing. That idea. To have the classic A A D G or F# F# B E tuning that I’ve been using for so long paired with all of the whammy bar riffing I do is on another level for me. The guitar is way past prototype in my opinion.

“I think it’s finally reached the form it was always wanting to be in my head. I couldn’t be happier with it. It actually did end up on the album last minute, but not in a way that showed off its capabilities. I used it on a melodic EBow lead on the bridge of the INXS cover Don’t Change.”

Borland has showcased iterations of the instrument prior, but this one is… well, it’s really damn nice.

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