PORTUGAL. THE MAN To Sell A Bunch Of Vintage Gear For Charity

Portugal. The Man will open their Reverb shop on August 16, with all proceeds going to CURE DHDDS USA. For those unaware, CURE DHDDS USA is charity supporting the research and treatment of the newly discovered neurological and metabolic rare disease DHDDS.


“We have so much gear, mainly because places like Reverb exist,” says frontman John Gourley. “Meaning that every time I want to pick up a new piece of gear, it is there, like I know where I could go to get it…And I love the idea of giving other people the chance to mess with some of that stuff.”

The shop includes:

  • A vintage 1960s Vox Shadow adorned with Gourley’s art on the body.
  • A Fender Player Plus Meteora HH the group used during its Fender Player Plus Sessions video with the brand.
  • Several Puresalem guitars. “There was a point where Puresalems were all I played,” said Gourley. “At the time, I was looking for something heavier, tone-wise.I played these on and off at our early punk rock shows.”
  • A vintage 1960s Tonemaster Crucianelli used while recording the 2013 record, Evil Friends;
  • A Moog Sub 37 that keyboardist Kyle O’Quin used during the band’s performance at Red Rocks Ampitheatre in 2021;
  • And a large collection of touring mixers used at hundreds of shows during the band’s career. “[These are] what we ran all of our keyboards and drum machines through,” said Gourley. “There’s laptops and things you can use, but we do not know how to do any of that stuff. With these you can turn the knobs and blow out the sound. The sound guys hate it. They get really upset, and I love seeing them throw their hands up and go ‘Oh my God.'”

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