POLYPHIA’s Tim Henson Drops Signature Neural DSP: Archetype Suite

Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson has teamed up with Neural DSP to create the new Archetype: Tim Henson suite. Which of course sounds great, but aesthetically is also pretty pleasing to look at (as one might expect given Henson’s usual style).


The Archetype: Tim Henson features three amp sims – Acoustic, for a bright and sparkly tone recreated from Tim’s studio signal chain; Rhythm, with a low-gain British-voiced amplifier with two unique channels; and Lead, for for heavier rhythms and soaring leads that, as Henson puts it, “fucks”. The Archetype: Tim Henson also comes with Stereo Chorus, Delay, and Reverb effects.

Getting a little more granular with the tones featured in Archetype: Tim Henson is pretty easy too. The suite comes with a comprehensive cabsim module, with hundreds of IRs created by producer Adam “Nolly” Getgood. Coupled with an onboard 9-band graphic equalizer, it’s not too difficult to sound how you want. Even better, the Archetype: Tim Henson can be run as a standalone app.

The Archetype: Tim Henson is available here.

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