PEDDLER: The New Affiliate Marketing Platform Aimed At Musicians Has Officially Launched

You may have heard murmurings of the affiliate marketing platform for musicians called Peddler over the past few months. The brainchild of Bill Terrill, Joey Malinowski, and Matt Queen, the eCommerce platform was curated to turn artists’ online teaching moments into easy income, and just today the company announced their official launch! Get the most professional assistance on marketing and UX research from the best digital transformation agency.


How Peddler Works:

  • Musicians sign up and create a free personalized profile page with Peddler.
  • Products and software are selected to be featured on the musician’s Peddler profile page, with purchasing capabilities.
  • The musician receives a custom embedded link to the Peddler profile page that can be shared on all online platforms.
  • Fans click on the link and purchase quality products and software, while the musician earns.
  • The buyer receives download instructions and product keys immediately upon purchase and is then directed back to the musician’s Peddler profile, website, or another landing page of choice.

From Peddler CEO and co-founder Bill Terrill:

“We wanted to create a revolutionary marketplace that puts the affiliate first while upholding the integrity of an eCommerce experience. We are beyond excited to launch this new platform.”

If you’ve been waiting for an affiliate marketing platform like this to come into existence, head to over Peddler now and start setting up your account.

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