PAUL GILBERT’s Unmistakable IBANEZ PGM Signature Now Comes in Children’s Size

Yep, you read that right. The alternate picking god and master of humility himself has a “miKro” version of his iconic Ibanez PGM signature coming out. Painted F-holes and all.


The Big Mac.

The Happy Meal.

The PGMM31 is exactly what it sounds like. With a smaller body and shorter scale length, its ideal home is in the hands of young, aspiring shredders. But let’s not kid ourselves here. We all know no one’s buying this for the little ripper in their life. It’s going straight into our oversized manchild hands, and Ibanez and Paul know it too. Seriously, look what you can do!

Sure, just take half the strings off and slay some triads across eight frets with your full-size fingers while the tiny-handed plink-plunkers cower in the wake of your shred. Because you’re an adult, dammit.

Paul Gilbert is taking one of these suckers on tour, even. Alright, so I guess the best thing about the Ibanez PGMM31 is that it’s fun for anyone and everyone. Young, old, veteran or beginner, it’s a cool little axe that you can excusably buy for your niece, nephew, daughter, son, and “borrow” for extended periods of time. Because you’re an adult, dammit.

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