Party Smasher Now Makes Amps (For Shredding AND Bashing)

Rumors have been stewing for a few months that Party Smasher Inc, the outlet founded by Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman, was planning on dipping its toes into the gear manufacturing game. Turned out to be on the money: Party Smasher has released three amplifiers, for bass and guitar, which are selling fast.


Loaded with Eminence speakers and manufactured by another independent outlet, Paul and Vaos Amplification, the amps are available in two models for guitar (the “Coffin Smasher” model is already sold out) and one for bass. They’re pretty beautiful pieces of work, lined with brown Faux Tooled Leather Tolex and black hardware, that look like a classier lounge version of what some other independent amp manufacturers like Emperor or Hovercraft are putting out.

No video or audio demos are available online yet, but I’ve seen these guys in action at a few Dillinger shows and they sound pretty great. Check out some photos and order one before they sell out!




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