ORIGIN EFFECTS Drops Halcyon Green Overdrive

Yes, the Halcyon Green Overdrive is an overdrive pedal with all your standard knobs and controls that you’d expect on a pedal at this point. Though there’s one standout feature that really makes it something special, and that’s the Adapt switch.


The Halcyon Green Overdrive‘s Adapt switch allows you to adapt the pedal to your pick attack and volume changes for a variety of different tones. Set to 0 and the pedal behaves as if the Adapt switch doesn’t exist. Set to II and the pedal’s treble and bass roll-off become reduced as tone cleans up, while setting it to I gives you a sound somewhere between.

Oh, and yes – the Halcyon Green Overdrive is based on the Ibanez Tube Screamer. And for all you metal folks out there (so most of you), the Halcyon Green Overdrive also offers a MOD setting to tighten everything up a little bit.

Halcyon Green Overdrive is available here for $299.

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