Online Jam Platform Endlesss Is Now Free

Endlesss, the cloud-based online jam platform, is now free. The program has also been launched for Windows, as well as a new browser-based jam radio service. So how exactly is this free? Well, Endlesss is making a transition to a new model in 2022 that allows users to create and sell “rifffs,” with a cut of each sale going back to Endlesss. From what I understand, they’re essentially audio NFTs.


In addition to the new free-ness, Endlesss has established the Endlesss Foundation. The foundation helps “make the transition from a single privately-owned company to a community-owned foundation,” and pretty much sets up the infrastructure for rifffs and the Endlesss token, $ESSS.

“Endlesss will continue to maintain and improve the products it offers today while also establishing the Endlesss Foundation, a community-owned foundation, to develop open-source software and decentralised infrastructure which will become the global operating system for the Endlesss creative ecosystem. Anyone will be free to build on this infrastructure and use the open-source code to participate in the Endlesss economy.

“By doing this, we’re opening Endlesss up to an opportunity far bigger than was available to us before. We’re opening this opportunity up to everyone who wants to be a part of our mission and benefit from the value of the ecosystem as it grows.”

Read the full statement from Endless here, and download it here.

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