OLD BLOOD’s New Sunlight Dynamic Reverb Offers Some Really Unique Sounds

Old Blood Noise Endeavors has taken the classic reverb pedal and made it weird, but in a good way! The brand has just rolled out their new Sunlight Dynamic Freeze Reverb, whose main sticking point is the ability to literally freeze a note and hold it indefinitely. This allows for some new avenues of experimentation, or maybe even ambient passages. Or if you’re still doing the “clean leads over djent rhythm” thing, more of that. Whatever you gotta do.


The Old Blood Noise Endeavors offers three reverb modes – Tape, Comb, and Pass. The three modes allow for reverbs that wobble and chatter, go more of the vibrato route, or just give you some straight up reverb. The modes are controlled by the Rate and Depth, as well as the Mix controls. An external Expression control also offers the possibilities of adjusting Input, Decay, Rate, and Depth while you’re playing for more variety,

The Sunlight Dynamic Freeze Reverb is weird. In a good way. It’s also available here for $209.

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