NOATRONIC Lets You Wirelessly Control Your MIDI Pedals

Wireless is one thing, but Noatronic’s new wireless system is allowing you to be completely free from all your MIDI-enabled pedals completely. The company’s new Noatronic Wireless Guitar System works in three parts: Controller, Transmitter, and Receiver. The Controller is a part of your guitar via the stereo jack socket, the Transmitter is wirelessly connected to Receiver, and the Receiver is the portion talking to your pedals.


Long story short, you start the system up by pushing down twice on the Controller and the rest is up to you.

The Noatronic Wireless Guitar System allows guitarists to assign custom MIDI messages, set cable tone filters, and engage pairing using what Noatronic defines as “the rotary switch and a high contrast OLED display of the Receiver.” Essentially, you’re free to control your pedals easier than ever before with a few flicks of a switch.

The system is currently available via an IndieGoGo campaign seeking $47,260. Check that out here.