NEUNABER AUDIO Calls Their New Illumine Pedal “The Ultimate Reverb Machine”

Neunaber Audio has introduced their new Illumine Reverb Pedal, which they’re calling “the ultimate reverb machine.”


The Illumine Reverb Pedal offers players 17 studio-quality reverbs (like Plate, Vintage Digital, Bloom, and Shimmer), 50 presets, 50 user presets to customize and save your own settings, MIDI capabilities, and expression control all housed in a pedal with pedalboard-friendly top jacks. The Illumine also allows for analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency, and a wide viewing angle display so essentially you can see what the hell you’re doing.

The Illumine Reverb Pedal is powered by a a standard 9V, 100mA pedal power supply (not included with the pedal), and is available here for $379.99 for a limited time. You can also hear numerous samples of the reverb offered in either the below video, or via sound clips on the Neunaber website to decide if it truly is the ultimate reverb machine or not.

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