MUSE’s Matt Bellamy Is Working On A Signature Fuzz Pedal

Muse leaned a little heavier into their metal side on the most recent album Will Of The People, and it turns out that’s not the only heaviness coming from the band. According to Muse guitarist and vocalist Matt Bellamy in an interview with Total Guitar (via Guitar World), he’s working with his own company Manson Guitar Works on a fuzz pedal.”It will have an EQ curve that you can slide from left to right or invert to create more of a scoop. I usually find most fuzz pedals to be a little bit too full-range. Especially in how they sit in relation to the bass, drums and vocals.”


Bellamy went on to discuss the pedal a little more, adding “It’s in this low, kind of girthy and middley area that sits nicely above the bass guitar but comfortably below my vocal… which is more classical and theatrical than your typical rock growl. I don’t like too much crossover with where my vocals sit. Finding the right fuzz pedal to push that low-mid area was something we spent time on. And even after recording, whatever pedal we use, there will also be a lot of intense EQ work.

“So that’s what led me towards trying to develop something. I haven’t gotten there yet. I’m working with a few people to see how that feature can be built in, and then we’ll make it available for everyone.”

The fuzz pedal doesn’t have a release date yet, but Bellamy adds that it’ll be based on his tones from both Will Of The People and the Muse classic Supermassive Black Hole.

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