MOOER is Working on a Digitally-Linked Guitar

Mooer effects is moving on to digitally-linked guitars by way of their upcoming S800, the first in their GTRS Intelligent Guitars line. All we know about the S800 right now is that it looks like a Stratocaster, has an HSS pickup configuration, and has a whole host of digital effects and features.


So what are the digital effects? So far it looks like there’s a built-in tuner, a drum machine, a metronome, a looper, and something called “a multi-mode output.” There’s also a glowing a knob where the tone knob should be, and it’s not super clear what that is.

Then there’s the GTRS App, which according to Mooer “offers up a wide variety of tools to shape guitar tones and aid in live streaming, recording, and practice. After connecting the GTRS guitar via Bluetooth. These presets can be customized and shaped through the app, saved to the GTRS guitar and even uploaded to the cloud to share with other users.”

Mooer promises an IndieGoGo for the guitar line soon. Keep up with that here.

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