Metalhead To Head Says That Ben Weinman and Dave Mustaine Make the Best Journalists

I’ve been thinking lately that I’m a schmuck, of little value to you the reader. You’ve probably thought it when I didn’t mention that King’s X sometimes used a 12-string bass, or when I misspelled Micheal Keene’s name. So why not cut out the middleman?


That’s what Fuse were thinking when they created the new show Metalhead To Head, which totally doesn’t sound like softcore porn. They take two musicians, put them in a room in front of a camera, and tell them to just shoot the shit. Episodes premier Wednesdays at 1PM EST on The schedule is below.

  • Mike Portnoy & Arejay Hale
  • Dave Ellefson & dUg Pinnick*
  • Gus G & Mark Heylmun
  • Rudy Sarzo & Frank Bello
  • Charlie Benante & Ray Luzier
  • Billy Sheehan & Marco Mendoza
  • Eric Choi & Alex Lopez
  • Michael Sweet & Alex Skolnick
  • George Lynch & Chris Broderick
  • Marty Friedman & Ben Weinman

Want to take a look at a preview video that I can’t embed into this news post for some reason? Head to Fuse’s website.

*(note: owns a 12-string bass, “incorrect” spelling of his name is intentional)

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